Recent donations
Also, with help of local companies, we were able to keep
the schools supplied with pens and pencils along with
other school supplies.

We have worked with different churches and other various
groups to successfully give kids a happy Christmas.

With the donations of clothing and canned foods, we were
able to help struggling families in Michigan make it through
rough times.
All brand name food
Liberty Inventories is currently the largest distributor
of dog food to no-kill shelters in the state of Michigan.

We donate millions of pounds of dog food, as well as
cat food and liter, to animal shelters across the state
of Michigan.

Millions of pounds of inventory has been donated in
recent years!
Liberty Inventories
It is also not uncommon for use to acquire and
donate large amounts of pet toys, treats, and
exotic animal food. We like to help shelters and
animals any way we can.
Fish food is often acquired
A loko at some specialts pet items
Some of the many animal treats in inventory
Cat litter is donated weekly
Liberty Inventories Inc.
Liberty Inventories Inc.